PATATAS cups were specially designed for serving fried foods, PATATAS, French fries, and other snacks.
With the folding cover and the ventilation holes PATATAS cups are ideal for serving finger foods.
PATATAS cups provides excellent print capabilities.

PATATAS cups are made of double poly coated paper that is grease resistant.

We have two standard products: PATATAS and white unprinted PATATAS. 300ml & 450ml.
The minimum quantity for Flexo custom printing is 25,000 pcs and 1,000 pcs in digital printing.

For lower quantities please refer to Tavor Digital Cups which are supplied with no minimum quantity and no printing plates charges.

The PATATAS cups along with Scoopy, China-Pack, Soup Cups, Pasta & Salad Bowls completes our line for food deliveries

The PATATAS cups and Tavor Paper Cups are exported to many European countries and enjoy the full benefits of the free trade agreement between Israel and the EC: no customs tariffs and extremely low transportation (shipping) costs.
At D.C. Paper we also produce a full line of hot and cold paper cups for the fast food and Ice Cream industry. D.C. Paper is a supplier to Coca–Cola, Pepsi Cola, McDonalds, Burger King, and many other satisfied customers in Israel and abroad.

Code B6
Cups: Bag/Case 50/1000 50/1000
Case External Dimensions in mm 445x360x660 425x345x705

DC Pack 30 Years
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